Sony Acid Pro 9 PC/Mac Free Download

Friday, August 9, 2013


ACID™ Music Studio is the best way to bring your music to life and share it with others. Now you can enjoy the freedom to interact with music creation tools at the skill level that’s right for you — no experience necessary! Our loops take the guesswork out of making great tracks, while our audio effects, MIDI functionality, and new workflow and performance features open the door to the world of professional music production.Apply sophisticated signal and effects processes including élastique timestretching, EQ, reverb, delay, chorus, flanging, phase shift, and distortion. ACID Music Studio features VST audio effects support, as well as support for VST instruments, so you can play your MIDI tracks back through virtual instruments, filters, and effects.Use powerful MIDI editing and sequencing tools. Record MIDI data from your favorite hardware controllers, or compose directly on the ACID Music Studio piano roll and drum grid interfaces. ACID Music Studio supports VSTi and includes 90 instruments for song creation.

SNAGIT Free Download


Snagit is a powerful screen capture and editing tool that allows you to capture, edit, and share anything on your screen.  Inside are videos, tutorials, guides, and more to help you get the most out of Snagit. Select a product version below to get started.

 More than a simple screen recorder, Camtasia makes you look like a video pro – even if you aren’t one. Add effects, transitions, captions and more to keep your audience engaged.Snag any image and enhance it with effects, or create a quick video of your computer screen. Then share your content instantly with your class, or save it for later. Grab and keep your audience’s attention. Snagit gives you all the tools to create engaging images and videos for presentations, feedback, tutorials, training documents, and more.Whether you’re researching your genealogy, creating images for a scrapbook, saving online receipts, or keeping account histories in order, Snagit helps you capture and organize it all.

Steinberg Virtual Guitarist 2 Mac - Windows Free Download

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Virtual Guitarist 2 offers all the content of Virtual Guitarist and Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition, plus 32 brand-new styles. The new Part Editor lets you create entirely new guitar licks, riffs and grooves at will. The enhanced version also ships with a battery of new stomp box effects, amp models and workflow refinements. Virtual Guitarist 2 is the perfect rhythm guitarist, it plays both acoustic and electric guitar, offering the right riff for almost every style of music. It can play in any key, master even the most challenging chords, automatically play in time with your song's tempo, and even sync up to the drum's groove, if you wish.
Steinberg is clearly pursuing this goal -- think Groove Agent, Virtual Guitarist, Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition and Virtual Bassist. Between these four plug-ins, Steinberg hoped to create a rhythm section strong enough to provide project studio musicians with a viable alternative to session musicians. Its latest product -- Virtual Guitarist 2 -- replaces both the original Virtual Guitarist and Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition, combining the riffs and styles from both plug-ins into a single virtual instrument with a collection of entirely new recordings.

Steinberg WaveLab Elements 7 Mac - Windows Free Download


WaveLab Elements 7 is tailored to the needs of home producers, musicians or music enthusiasts. It’s perfect if you are looking for a quality tool for audio editing, restoration and podcasting. Cross-plattform-compatible for the first time, WaveLab Elements 7 leaves the choice entirely up to you if you prefer to use it on your Mac or on your PC. 
WaveLab Elements 7 combines state-of-the-art audio technology from its bigger sibling WaveLab 7 with an intuitive workflow concept, comprehensive podcast functionalities and a rich collection of high-end VST3 plug-ins such as StudioEQ and VST Dynamics. In addition to tools like level meters and the ultra-precise spectroscope, WaveLab Elements 7 also comes with a first-class VST3 restoration plug-in suite from Sonnox (consisting of DeNoiser, DeBuzzer and DeClicker) and an all-new CD-burning engine.
This convincing toolset turns WaveLab Elements 7 into the cost-effective solution for audio mastering, editing, and restoration in your home studio.

The ideal choice for project studios, podcasters and musicians

The advanced WaveLab Elements 7 production environment is devoted to the needs of home producers and musicians, delivering uncompromising quality when it comes to editing and restoring audio material alongside creating state of the art
podcasts. The smallest member of the current WaveLab product range provides a convincing toolset which will most certainly meet your requirements while seamlessly integrating into your home studio setup.

Steinberg WaveLab 7 Mac - Windows Free Download


Steinberg WaveLab v7 .WaveLab 7 offers a suite of audio editing tools tailored to the needs of musicians, small recording environments and podcast authors.
The podcast tool combines basic editing and mastering capabilities with full internet audio publishing features, creating a unique one-stop application for recording, editing right through to online publication via podcast, perfectly suited for Sequel and Cubase users. The sample-accurate 32-bit/96 kHz audio engine in WaveLab LE 7 combines a small set of quality virtual effect processors.

Enter the world of professional audio editingOrignal Download ProviderWaveLab LE 7 not only allows you to edit CD-quality audio material on two tracks, but also enhances recordings, using more than ten plug-ins that include several effects taken from our professional music software, Cubase. In addition, there is the integrated podcast function which allows for sharing music and voice recordings in the internet.
Mac OS X support and new layout.

Probably the most important new feature in WaveLab LE 7 is the compatibility to Mac OS X operating systems, which follows Steinberg?s goal to make all products available on both PC and Mac platforms. Furthermore, WaveLab LE 7 has been completely rewritten and comes with a new, modern and easy-to-use user interface, which is based on the new WaveLab 7 family design.

Propellerhead Reason 6 Free Download Crack Incl.

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Depending on who you ask, Reason 6 is the ultimate music production workstation, an inspiring plaything or an important element of an integrated multi-DAW production approach. We'd argue that all three viewpoints are valid.

If you've not used it before, Reason began life as a software recreation of a studio setup that any '90s dance music producer would recognise, comprising a rack of virtual gear - synths, drum machines and samplers - a sequencer, and a novel virtual patch cable system to hook it all up.

Over time, the sequencing matured greatly, and the instruments and effects are now the equal of third-party plug-ins. Good job, too, considering Reason doesn't support third-party plug-ins at all - it's totally self-contained and proud of it.

Reason was once aimed firmly at electronic music production, even eschewing audio tracks, making it more of a 'software studio' than a true DAW, which left a hole in Propellerhead's product line for such a product – this they filled with 2009's Record, which worked standalone or in conjunction with Reason.

The big news is that Reason 6 has assimilated everything from Record, and added some new extras. Record itself is discontinued. Propellerhead have also introduced Reason Essentials (a slimmed-down edition), and a dedicated audio interface named Balance, which we'll be soon.

So what are the highlights of Record that Reason 6 users can look forward to? Audio tracks are surely the headline addition here - there's no need for us to describe them in detail except to say that they're here, they work as you'd expect, and we're damned happy about it.

Other than that, there's multitrack recording; top-drawer real-time timestretching; slick comping; Line 6 guitar/bass amp emulations; an awesome Auto-Tune-alike and voice synth called Neptune; a versatile sound module; and a virtual mixing console modelled after an SSL 9000k.

That mixer
When Record was announced, we were initially sceptical about the claims as to the realism and authenticity of their SSL-modelled desk. However, authentic is precisely what it turned out to be.

The eight busses; the per-channel gating, compression and EQ; the sidechain for the compressors (including that master output) - it's all there. And then there's that famous bus compressor.

Now, this is not quite the all-purpose mix panacea that some people make it out to be, but when you want that specific radio pop sound, it's a fantastic recreation that can easily get you there.

As well as being a great tool for quickly shaping mixes, the mixer imbues warmth and cohesion - we even know of a few producers who have used it as their final mix tool on stems from another DAW.

As far as the interface goes, its appearance is pleasingly chunky and the control ranges well calibrated.

One thing to be aware of is that Reason still only runs as a ReWire slave, so you can't route tracks from, say, Cubase or Logic directly into Reason's mixer using ReWire - you'll have to bounce down to WAV and import.

Propellerhead Reason 5 Free Download Crack-Serial Incl.


Reason 5 has been a firm favourite of ours since its original release a decade ago. Not just a virtual studio in concept, it offers a literal representation of a traditional MIDI studio, revolving around a simulated rack to which a huge range of devices can be added.

Effects, synths, samplers, drum machines, mixers - all can be dropped into the rack and connected as you see fit by flipping around to the rear of the units and plugging virtual cables into their I/O ports. Sequencing is pretty much the only part of Reason that's not tied to the rack.

Unlike almost all modern music applications, there's no third-party plug-in support - and there likely never will be, although you can connect Reason to other apps via the ReWire protocol.

Now Reason 5 is here, and following what seemed like an eternity tinkering with the restricted beta build, we're finally in possession of the finished, boxed version. But is it really any good? And are there any hidden drawbacks? That's what a review aims to uncover, so let's get to it…

If there's one new feature that has our pulses pumping the most, it's the Kong Drum Designer. Each of its 16 pads can control any of 16 drum channels, each of which holds its own sound source module.

The one you'll probably use most is NN-Nano, a stripped back version of the NN-XT sampler. The other modules are Nurse Rex (a mini Dr. Rex) and seven synthesisers.

Tip of the hat
Each pad can be assigned to any drum channel and also bound to one of four 'hit types'. Sound modules respond to these; for example, Synth Hi-hat offers closed, open and two intermediate positions.

NN-Nano's hit types, meanwhile, are four discrete multilayered setups. For Nurse Rex, hit types can fire off a loop, slice or slices. There are also pad-level Link and Alt group, level, pan, tone, decay and pitch controls, and two external sends and internal Bus FX send.

Oh, and then there are the effects! Each pad has two slots, for one of nine effects or an additional tone or noise generator. Our favourite is the Overdrive/Resonator, but the Rattler comes a close second. We'd like to have the effects in the Reason rack too, but for now, you can route signals through Kong.

There's also a send effect slot (eg, for reverb/delay) and a master slot for compression, etc. The small Q buttons positioned adjacent to most of Kong's parameters select them for Quick Edit mode, whereby all 16 pads display relevant controls. For example, hit the Q button next to the Pan/Level knobs and each pad turns into a mini X/Y pad for instant editing of pan and level.

It's a fabulous system. There are a few omissions, though: when loading multiple layers, there's no automatic velocity mapping, and Kong lacks the seemingly obvious per-pad delay/offset function. But overall, it strikes the right balance between power and immediacy, and on the back panel, you'll find every connection you might need.

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